Adam Sandler – Somebody Kill Me

Adam Sandler’s best ever scene. Some will say it’s something from”Reign Over Me” or “Punch Drunk Love” but I don’t think he’s done anything that touches this since.

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This is what you get when you put a bunch of Funk legends on a stage.   Take in these introductions.

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Jim Carrey – Masterclass in Bloopers

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Jim Carrey – Masterclass in Singing

He was paid 20 million for this role and it was worth it. Who else could put on this performance?

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Jim Carrey – Masterclass in Acting

Has there ever been a better comedic actor?

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Mark Knopfler – Sultans of Swing

Not breaking any new ground or anything with this video as it has 60 million views but damn does Knopfler fucking shred on this one. Guy has such a unique guitar style, throwing in nice blues licks with chicken picking bluegrass. Every line he does during the song is perfect and he nails the solo.  Both of them.  But especially the second one. Best Jewish guitarist ever.

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Billy Corgan – Cherub Rock (Isolated Vocal)

I was first looking for isolated Corgan vocals for songs off Melancholy when I stumbled upon this. In all likelihood my favourite Smashing Pumpkins song, it was super exciting to hear the isolated vocal track on Cherub Rock.  The greatest thing about Corgan’s voice is how it shifts from smooth to scream in no time at all. There are two vocal tracks with the lower one providing harmony while the higher and main vocal provides the main melody of the song. While other members of the Pumpkins are obviously very talented, drummer Jimmy Chamberlain in particular, Corgan spearheaded the Siamese Dream album through exhausting sessions in the studio, tracking the majority of bass parts for bassist D’arcy Wretzky. Wretzky was even quoted as saying “Corgan can do something in 2 takes where it would take me about 20” That work is no more evident than in the intricate and incredible vocal on Cherub Rock, leading to one of the best Pumpkins songs and in my opinion their most accomplished album.

On a bit of a side note, its also interesting to read into the history of the song “Today”. Much like Outkast’s “Hey Ya”, it comes off as an upbeat and happy song but lyrically is incredibly sad and provoking. The song is based off a day where Corgan was depressed and suicidal saying that it was ironically the best day of his life because it couldn’t possible get any worse. He equated the process of writing “Today” and “Disarm” to literally “ripping [his] guts out”. People rip on the Pumpkins lyrically and I guess there is a some basis to that argument, but similar to Blink 182, they convey strong emotions through simple and relatable words and themes. Words that are easy to scream by yourself when you’re driving in a car blasting “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”. End scene.

Editors Note: OH! MY MISTAKE! He goes by William Corgan now!

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