Thetunesblog is intended to bring back old albums that may have been over-looked and to bring forth new albums that have yet to be heard.

Here are the men responsible:

Harry Snider – Raised on the poetic wisdom of Tupac Shakur and Blink-182, Harry has been a exposed to a large variety of music since the womb.  As a child, classic rock was what was playing on Harry’s cassette player.  Now Harry’s Ipod consists of everything Indie, to everything Hiphop, to everything Jock Jams, and more.  Harry’s goal is to take his vast knowledge and share it with the rest of the world.

Rory Diamond – Rory is deep in the music blogging game. He loves everything from crunchy jams to tasty grooves, and is unabashedly proud of his Good Charlotte phase. He is a fan of creative playlist names, and prefers listening to his music through speakers over headphones.


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