Curbside Marketing


Excited to launch our business Curbside Marketing for all of your brand ambassador needs in Toronto. Your Brand Ambassador Toronto needs. In Toronto. Forever… Toronto. Brand Ambassadors in Toronto is what is forever. Just to clarify. Alright, I’m Toronto. I mean outtie.

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2 Responses to Curbside Marketing

  1. Pix says:

    Brand ambassadors on Are they from Toronto? I’m referring to the brand ambassadors. I need to be ensured that they are from Toronto, yet still brand ambassadors. Street teams. I know a guerrilla named Mark. Guerrilla marketing. I met Mark on the side of the curb. Curbside. Mark on the curbside. Curbside Marketing. I’d appreciate a reply to this post. Thanks.

  2. Wes (Sam's Friend) says:

    Yes I came across your article, but I have to respectfully disagree. For example, I own a company called Curbside Marketing in Toronto that specializes in brand ambassador work. Lots of brand ambassadors that help represent your brand and be effective street teams as brand ambassadors – from Toronto. Check out if you’re in Toronto or a brand ambassador or if you’re a Toronto brand ambassador. Don’t know what a brand ambassador is? I apologize for not explaining what a brand ambassador is. A brand ambassador is someone that represents your brand on the street within a street team of other brand ambassadors. Yep – that’s a brand ambassador if you ask me! Even better if they’re from Toronto.

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