Outkast ft George Clinton – Synthesizer

Aquemini is one of the best Outkast albums and quite honestly was very close to being my favourite other than the fact that it had songs like “Mamacita” and “Synthesizer” which to me were total skip tracks. I gave Synthesizer another chance because I saw it talked about on a Reddit thread and now it’s one of my favourite songs all together.

The song is an Andre track through and through, and is a critique on how society is beginning to favour “synthetic” products such as catchy and shallow music instead of something deeper and more meaningful. Big Boi’s verse is actually a microcosm of why I love Outkast so much, as he rips a rhythmically complex verse over the deeper lyrical themes Andre provides.

Andre’s verse explores the idea of of mankind falling deeper into the throes of technology, using the literal example of humans altering their appearance using plastic surgery. He is worried that people are hiding themselves behind false appearances and technology, and that the world is moving in an artificial and inhuman direction. He ends the verse by saying that he respects those who chose to alter themselves in the name of happiness, and that he understands that necessities of technology, however he fears that one day the very idea of man will be synthetic.

“You don’t know what I’ve been through. Hell I might go through you”


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