Adam Sandler – Live on HBO 1996

Few comedians, or people for that matter are more polarizing than Adam Sandler. While Billy Madison and Happy Gilmour both have their place among the best comedies of all time, nowadays it seems that most people feel the bad has officially outweighed the good. But this was not always the case.

In 1996 Sandler released What The Hell Happened to Me, and went on a 21-day US tour to support the album. He actually has released 5 albums to date. Adam Sandler has a discography. The highlight of this tour would occur on June 26th in Chicago, which HBO decided to film and air as an hour long special. The concert begins with The Goat, and eventually makes it’s way towards an encore of “Out on the Street” by Bruce Springsteen. That’s hilarious. And what’s also hilarious is the crowd. I have no idea what kind of kooky demographic attended an Adam Sandler concert in 1996, but based on the interviews alone they seem like a solid bunch. The concert is generally well played and fun, Chris Farley even runs out on stage at one point.  The show features several interludes or “skits”, now prominently featured in rap albums. Tracks played that night would also include “Lunch Lady Land”, “The Hannukah Song”, and “Piece of Shit Car”.

The coolest thing about this concert is that Adam Sandler essentially pioneered a genre. While bands such as Tenacious D,  Flight of the Conchords, and even comedian Bo Burnham have all taken up this brand of “musical comedy” to much success, no one has yet to eclipse Sandler in his heyday, his absolute peak. The concert is more than just stand-up comedy, he’s up there rocking his face off. The venue is packed, the band is tight, and Sandler is belting out his goofy lyrics like a rock god. The crowd knows every lyric for chrissakes, including the “AHs” he suffixes on every word. The 1996 HBO Adam Sandler show is really special and interesting for a lot of reasons. It takes you back to a defining moment in culture and comedy and really emphasizes what was going on at the time. People rip on Adam Sandler and call his comedy unsophisticated, and maybe it is, but on a cool summer’s night I would have no problem throwing on a goofy shirt, some stupid sunglasses and singing along with the Hannukah Song.

 “OJ Simpson, not a Jew”

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