Thetunesblog Goes to Iceland

IMG_20140421_110508Last week thetunesblog flew out half of our staff to Iceland to immerse ourselves in the music, the culture, the pageantry, and the pomp. Not knowing what to expect, we were very surprised by the stunning natural beauty we encountered.

When we first arrived it was freezing cold and easter, so we found ourselves in the deserted capital “Reykjavik” which we all agreed  gave off a “poland-y” vibe.  But then the sun came out and easter ended and we found ourselves in a small bustling city surrounded by mountains and quaint colourful houses.IMG_20140426_091732Iceland is known for its geothermal heat as it is right between the European and North American tectonic plates, leading to a plethora of volcanic and earthquakonian activity. As a result of this it is surrounded by natural hot springs, which we were lucky enough to indulge in, and which at times resembled the lord of the rings.

IMG_20140420_093026At one point we embarked on a precarious hike through the mountains which eventually led to hot river in which we could bathe, so hot that you had to ease yourself in one inch at a time (with certain inches taking longer than others). While it is possible to drive all around the country, which in all of its natural beauty contains under 350,000 residents, we at thetunesblog decided after partying in the capital Reykjavik to hit the south coast, where this stunning picture of a church atop a black sand beach was captured.

IMG_20140421_142838There were waterfalls (I’d estimate we saw over 200 throughout our time there) and blonde women (i’d estimate we saw over 200 throughout our time there) and also cool glacial pools where James’ would flock on icebergs, as seen below.

IMG_20140422_083512But alas, it was time to head back to our fulfilling lives as humble music bloggers, so back to Toronto we came.



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