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Kevin Durant MVP

Kevin Durant recently unleashed one hell of a speech after being awarded MVP of the National Basketball Association. He singles out every single teammate, even the one’s you haven’t heard of. I encourage all of the cubicle monkeys to put this on in the … Continue reading

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Now Go Home and Get Your Fucking Shinebox

This is probably the best scene from Goodfellas, which is really saying something. Scorcese has always been the master of choosing appropriate music for his movies, with The Departed and Casino being two shining examples, however he really knocked it out of the … Continue reading

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808s & Heartbreak

The Background Today we will be discussing Kanye West’s sometimes forgotten and sometimes most influential Kanye West album: 808s & Heartbreak. Kanye released 808s, his fourth studio album, in November of 2008, rather appropriately. The first part of the album receives its name from the … Continue reading

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Thetunesblog Goes to Iceland

Last week thetunesblog flew out half of our staff to Iceland to immerse ourselves in the music, the culture, the pageantry, and the pomp. Not knowing what to expect, we were very surprised by the stunning natural beauty we encountered. When we first arrived … Continue reading

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