Eminem and Limp Bizkit – The Beef

The Intro

Today on thetunesblog we will be talking about some early 2000s beef between all-time rap great Eminem and NHL Hitz 2002 soundtrack legends Limp Bizkit. The heated feud would eventually culminate with Eminem’s release of “Girls”, a hidden track off D-12′s Devil’s Night.  The now famous diss track is an all out assault on Durst’s character, accusing him of being a poser and copping Eminem’s style, while referring to his other band members as “little fucking girls”. But things weren’t always this way between the two musical giants. Eminem and Limp Bizkit actually collaborated in 1999 on the song “Turn Me Loose”, which happens to be a pretty solid track, featuring some The Slim Shady LP-esque verses and some awful rapping by Durst. Eminem even had Durst appear in his “The Real Slim Shady” music video, to argue with Carson Daly over who Christina Aguilera gave head to first.

So where did it all go wrong?

The Beef

Anyone who knows anything about early 2000s white guy rap beef knows that Eminem and fellow white rapper Everlast have hated eachother since Em allegedly snubbed Everlast before a concert, prompting Everlast to diss Eminem on his forthcoming album. This led to an escalation of sorts, an arms race between white rappers as the two launched a barrage of diss tracks. But what does this have to do with Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit? During the height of the beef, Limp Bizkit approached Eminem saying they wanted to do a collaboration with him to diss Everlast.

“When all the beef with Everlast was going on, they wanted to jump in the middle of it. They wanted to jump in it with me.”

Eminem claims to have even booked the studio time, and on the day they were supposed to record the track, Durst backed out with a tooth-ache, while fellow Limp Bizkit-er DJ Lethal said (after previously telling Eminem how much he fucking hated Everlast) that he was cool with Everlast now and didn’t feel comfortable making the track. And Eminem was fine with all that, he still recorded the track and although he thought less of Limp Bizkit, nothing really came of it. But 2 weeks later, while appearing on MTV, DJ Lethal said that while he thought Eminem was the better MC, that Everlast would whoop his ass in a fight.

“And I’m sitting back watching the TV like ‘What? You were supposed to be on the song with me!’ I would not have made a move if it wasn’t for that. If 10-20 million people did not see him say that Everlast would whoop my ass. So that’s why I dissed him…If you didn’t want to be in the beef, you should’ve stayed out of it, you shouldn’t have opened your mouth.”

The Result

So it seems that Durst just got in the middle of the feud, with both sides backing their respective crews, leading to the beef between the two that still persists today. When recently asked if he and Em were on good terms, Durst responded “I haven’t heard anything from Eminem since he turned on LB. I don’t speak much about it, but it really hurt my feelings at the time because I thought we were better friends than I suppose we were. I understand why he was upset, mainly with Lethal, but over time I’ve learned that there are better ways to deal with things that upset us. I have remained a loyal fan of his and choose to remember the good times we shared. He id definitely one of the very few best rappers of all time.”

So there you have it. Now lets put the beef aside and turn me loose.

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9 Responses to Eminem and Limp Bizkit – The Beef

  1. STAN says:

    i would do anything to meet eminem and ask him if he’s still mad at fred

  2. HydroArctic says:

    You didn’t mention Eminem putting Fred and Lethal’s name in the diss track despite them both backing out of it. Eminem did that to start beef because he’s always instigating feud.


      Do you even read? Eminem put Lethals name in the track because he basically dissed him on TV, even thought he was meant to record the track with him dissing Everlast. And Durst.. well he is a fanny, Eminem didn’t say anything that everybody back in 2000s already knew.

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  4. Deztroy says:

    I been a fan of house of pain since the beginning I think em should have shoed everlasting a little respect for being one of the for fathers of white rap but that’s just my opinion I like em now he is an all-time best rapper but I don’t think he gives credit were it is due everlasting an em are on totally different levels of rap but you got to respect your elders, CAn you tell I’m old but that’s what I think

  5. Nick says:

    Hydro your a idiot

  6. jaccky says:

    bruh, eminem got anger issues, fred didnt do anything

  7. Alchkey says:

    There was and is no problem with Eminem dissing Fred Durst. Fred Durst was one of the people who chickened out the first place, but he didn’t get mad. Lethal left him, but he didn’t get mad.

    Now, Lethal humiliated Eminem on a TV show, so he got mad then.

    If Durst didn’t want that beef, he should’ve just stayed out of the whole thing. He was a shrimp among whales. Very violent whales.

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