Maylee Todd

I was given the opportunity to check out this year’s Festival Music House in Toronto last weekend.  For those of you who are unaware, Festival Music House is a 2 day festival during TIFF where musicians are invited to showcase their music to a variety of music and film professionals.

It was a very successful weekend filled with great performances from bands such as Michael Rault, The Darcys, July Talk, and Dragonette, but there was one band in particular that stood out.  Listening to new music is always exciting, you never know what to expect, so when I saw Maylee Todd come out on stage with her pink hair and a harp,  I was preparing myself for a mellow set and soothing music.  Little did I know that this pink-haired harp player would kick off her set with a psychedelijazzfunk cover of ZZ Top. Blown away right from the beginning, she continued to bring people out of their seats and on to the dance floor.   Her set featured songs from her new album “Escapology”, which captures her spunky and fun-loving attitude.  Her single, “Baby’s Got It” is comparable to Jamiroquai’s finest hits, filled with groovy bass and synth, not to mention the addition of some brass which adds a whole other dimension and completes the track’s well-roundedness.  And what is a concert without back-up dancers?  What a show.

As Maylee Todd continued to move the feet of the people around them, they whipped out a track I haven’t heard in 15 years.  I’m sure you all watched Sesame Street when you were kids, and I’m sure you have all heard the famous “Pinball Number Count” more than once in your Sesame Street watching career.  A flood of memories came rushing through as Maylee Todd spat out her rendition of the “Pinball Number Count”. Not only did my inner child like this for its sentimental value, but my 22 year old self heard all of the intricate notes, key changes, and overall tightness of the band, which were a welcome surprise to most people in the room.  All in all, Maylee Todd is must see and a must listen to. She is definitely at the top of my indie music charts.  Check her out next time she is in your town,  you will not be disappointed.


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