It’s an absolute shame that this gem of an album doesn’t get talked about that much anymore. It’s like Jameer Nelson, putting in the work every night and still posting good numbers, but getting no love. I remember when “Burn” was on the radio as a kid, sitting in the car and trying to get that drumbeat down on my lap. While throwing on Usher is always a hit at pre-drinks, its slightly questionable to just casually listen to the Ush. I’m here to break that stigma. Confessions is chock-full of bangers. You’ve got the laid-back influence of “Superstar” and “Confessions”,  the sultry love-tones of “Do It To Me” and “Can You Handle It?”, and the fan favourites in “My Boo” and “Bad Girl”.  And also “Caught Up”. And also “Yeah!”. And also “Burn”. And also “Confessions II”. I’m not entirely sure that there’s been a better club song since Yeah!, really. The only two I can think of that are on its level are “In the Club” and the “Remix to Ignition”, but both of those were released a year earlier.

Seamlessly shifting from his regular voice to his falsetto, Usher manages to deliver an album that is both catchy and filled with depth. The lyrics are honest, the production is smooth, and the album flows nicely. The harmonies are tastefully done and not in excess, unlike a lot of other RnB you may come across. Confessions is one of those rare albums that you can leave on without wanting to switch songs, unless it’s to listen to “Burn” again. Next time you’re just hanging out at home, don’t be scared to throw on some Usher.

“Go on and hit it, that’s what it’s made for”

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