The Marshall Mathers LP

With the recent announcement that Eminem will soon release the Marshall Mathers LP 2, I felt it was fitting to review his original masterpiece and magnum opus, The Marshall Mathers LP. While some may argue for The Slim Shady LP, (with real snobs saying that he hasn’t released anything good since Infinite), TMMLP remains Eminem’s most complete album to date. It takes a truly special album to have to censor lyrics on the uncensored release, and The Marshall Mathers LP is definitely a special album.

While the merits of songs such as “Stan” and “The Real Slim Shady” don’t need exploring, it is the depth of this album that makes it so appealing. Every song in my play count could appear in an adult film, with a lot of them being certifiable cougars. Lyrically, Eminem tackles subjects such as his coping with stardom (“Marshall Mathers”), american youth (“Who Knew”), drug use (“Drug Ballad”), and his relationship with his family (“Kill You, Kim”).  Em’s lyrics are dynamic, and shift themes as quickly as he can spit them out.

“I don’t do black music, I don’t do white music.
I make fight music for high school kids. I put lives at risk when I drive like this.
I put wives at risk with a knife like this.”

Every guest to appear on the album is spot on. Sticky Fingaz absolutely destroys his verse onRemember Me”, and somehow, Eminem still manages to up-stage him. Shifting between voices, listening to Steve Berman, and not saying “fuckin” for 6 minutes are just a couple of things that make this album great. Listen to “Kim” with a candle burning and you’ll see your entire future…



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