Jessie Reyez – Figures (Live at Junos)

This performance was so god damn good. Shout out to the director/camera operator who panned to Daniel Caesar SO perfectly it gave satan shivers

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Kanye West – All Falls Down (Live on Letterman)


A young Ye playing his best song raw as can be with John Legend on keys before John Legend was even John Legend? Ohhh mama!


This performance is obviously incredible. I know it, you know it, the dancing bear knows it. Catchy as EFF, killer beat, and the lyrics.

The lyrics!!

This is pre-Drake, pre Kid Cudi, when rappers talked about wealth and women as the end goal. And here we have Kanye talking about how these things are simply to fill the void of insecurity, how he’s so self-conscious he can’t even step outside his house without wearing a pair of nice kicks. And it’s kinda fucked up, and it’s kinda real, and he kinda makes his own self-consciousness cool– which is kinda awesome. And it’s all kinda backed by a catchy-as-fuck beat that even if you aren’t paying any god damn attention to what he’s saying the song rocks. And that is what makes All Falls Down (in my opinion) his biggest accomplishment.

Now here’s your bonus Ye slam Poetry.

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The Eagles – Take it Easy

This is the prototypical rock song. Catchy, upbeat and melodic, with sing-a-long lyrics that have surprising depth. I have played this song way too many times, but somehow someway it maintains its integrity. This performance is also stellar, and you bet your bottom dollar that if I was at that show in 1977 I would be clapping my hands off, grooving out with the best of them.

This song was actually written by Jackson Browne, but Glenn Frey heard him playing it and the two agreed that he should finish it, complimenting Browne’s more sombre verses with Frey’s uplifting ones. It’s this combination that lends the song it’s unique lyrical tone that is both deep and uplifting.

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Studio Jams #1

So here’s this tasty little youtube channel I found that brings together excellent musicians for loose improvisational jams. This number in particular is a pure crunch fest. So deep in the pocket they’re finding lint!

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Tears for Fears – Mad World


Believe it.

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Drake – Back to Back live at Ryerson

Meek better watch his back every time he steps onto Ryerson campus

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Hey Mama – Grammys 2008

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